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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Alright Iím having problems leveling crew skills. Bioanalysis is going great at a little over 300 already, Diplomacy is going slow, but it is going. I just have to remember to send the crew on more missions. My problem is with BioChem. Iím only at around 80 on this one. Almost everything I have a recipe for requires Green Goo. I canít seem to get this in supply enough to make a real dent in BioChem. Did I just wait too long to start my crew skills? Do I need to go back to some of the earlier planet in order for Bioanalysis to get me an adequate supply of green goo? Guess it isnít that big a deal if I do have to because I need to find datacrons too.
I don't have BioChem on any of my characters so I'm not sure excatly what type and level Green goo is, but, this is how you find what you need without running around a planet looking for dead critters to harvest:

Find a schematic that requires green goo. It will tell you the general category and level of that component. Like "Grade 2 researched compound" or something. Then look under your Bioanalysis missions. Use the drop down to select the grade level, and then send your companions on the missions that bring back that kind of item.

They may not always bring back Green Goo, depending on how rare it is (Green, Blue, Purple) but they will bring it to you.

If you don't see it under Bioanalysis, it is likely under Diplomacy. (I'm pretty sure it's BioAnalysis though. I guess I need to make a Bio crafting toon...)

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