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Even though the Shade was addressing himself to the soldier known as Onyx, Cadice Marin hung on his every word, absorbing them like drops of fresh water. Her brain was a sponge, and there was no way she was going to miss out on learning about the Shade's suit of combat armor. Even though she dared not interrupt, Cadice still wanted to ask him several questions. That can wait, however, she thought to herself. The mission comes first, and my suspicion is that it's going to be...quite unexpectedly...moved ahead.

The doctor wasn't a so-called "psychic", even though she had studied psi phenomena extensively in graduate school as part of her research curriculum. She considered most paid practitioners to be fraudulent, merely telling their customers whatever they wanted to hear, or repeating their very words in different terms. Nevertheless, her intuition served her well, and was almost never wrong in situations of dire importance such as this one. She knew that a person in a white lab coat was almost always expected to have a mind like a machine, processing information and doling it out at lightning speed. No matter what, however, humans aren't computers. We still have a soul.

She snuck cursory glances at everyone in the room. Cadice instinctively trusted Mio the most, not only as the commanding officer of this mission, but as the one who had suggested she come along. That signified implicit confidence in Cadice's abilities, which none of the other workers she'd met so far at the command center seemed to have. Onyx and Kaivon also ranked high in her estimation, because they had immediately offered to protect her once she said she'd never used a weapon. As for Gao? She couldn't "get a bead" on him, as the old expression went, except that he was uneasy about having a completely inexperienced civilian accompany them on a military mission.

Drew and Jacob seemed to be at odds; she'd simply wait and see if their tensions either escalated or dissipated. If they escalate...bad news.

Cadice's spine stiffened when her eyes fell upon the Shade. Out of all the soldiers here, the military personnel, only that one--he--would possibly take me out if I failed in my capacities as a field medic. He does not suffer fools. Not only that, but she sensed the Shade had slaughtered thousands before. For honor? For glory? For justice? No. Such patriotic platitudes were beyond him. A Shade was created to kill, if that was the correct term, and kill he would. Whether she went on the mission or not, he still frightened her.
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