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I beg to differ.

Running around gathering from nodes, espically nodes on planets that are well below your level, doesn't put a single credit in your pocket nor does it gain you any XP. In fact it takes time away from gaining XP and credits.

The entire point of having the crew do this for you is so that you could focus on that very aspect of the game.

The crew members not at my side are constantly about gathering, and even with the cost of missions I am still earning more credits than I'm spending since I'm engaged with killing mobs that give me money as opposed to hunting nodes that don't.

If it's level one, missions cost between 95-150 credits per mission. That's less than the cost to fly across the galaxy. They have results in less than 4 minutes, often less than that. More so if you have properly built up your affection with them.

I'm at a loss for how multi-tasking time and effort is less efficient than seeking the materials out, on foot, and thus wasting time that could be spent gaining XP and Money.

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