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"That's because there isn't anything to laugh about. What? You think I came here to make friends?"

Gao had opened his mouth to respond, but the Shade then caused him to jump.

"That's enough! Butting heads and questioning decisions made on a private matter is over! You're soldiers, we're on base, and preparing for deployment, act like it! Now follow the Sergeant's orders and get your gear in the armory...And leave personal matters amongst others personal! Understood!?"

Gao jumped to attention immediately. He then made a mental note to never get on the Shade's bad side; those guys could be pretty nasty. Gao certainly did not want someone as cold and calculating as a Shade, for lack of a better term, losing it against someone, or anyone on the squad. Right, should probably get my gear..." he thought to himself, as he walked toward the armory. Once there, he went up to the requisitions officer.

"Sir, I'd like to be given a SMG, a pistol, and incendiary grenades, please." Gao realized that requesting a pistol as a back-up weapon might seem a little odd in this day and age, considering that guns could be recharged on the spot, though he wanted to be prepared for everything. He remembered his primary weapon had actually overheated while he was fending off hordes of Brieders, so he felt secure in taking a backup weapon. The grenades were probably a little bit of overkill, but then again, they had a Shade on the team, so Gao felt as if he was well-prepared for things to come.

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