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I started playing when I was thirteen and now I am coming up on 21. I loved pre cu/nge and post nge. It was a revamp, and each version had its ups and downs.

I respected the crafting, and trading aspect. I had a total of 5 accounts at one time. I mostly rolled with 2 main accounts.

Harus Fion, Emeroa Chronz, Eithie Casadori, and my no name cook XD.

I rolled on Flurry and was one of the best starcraft engineers... Largest rebel guild at one time, -KAI- Kill All Imps

This game filled a void, and now it is a void once again. Nothing ever released to this date has ever compared to swg. In depth crafting is amazing, and the best thing about this game was that there was a learning curve. It wasn't noob friendly. So here is to all of you guys, who feel the same as me. I'll take a toast to you swg, and for the countless hours upon hours upon hours upon hours, weeks, days, months, of time i've spent with you.
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