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I have first-hand experience of this exact scenario. I abandoned Biochem/Bioanalysis in the late 20s in favour of Cybertech/Scavenging, and thus was in the same boat of needing a swathe of level 1 mats to grind up Cybertech from 0. Missions are fine if you need 1 or 2 of a mat, not 50-100 plus.

If you are all about staying out levelling, then just buying a couple of 99 stacks from the GTN would be a much more cost effective and efficient solution. At the time that wasn't an option for me, as it was the first few days of live and the GTN was pretty bare. Now though it is packed with level 1 mats. Just make sure you work out the per unit cost and get the cheapest. Some people are asking crazy sums.
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