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Cadice had heard the American saying "to jump out of one's skin" before, but never had she felt that particular desire--until now. Before, she had thought this figure of speech to be absolutely ridiculous. Now that the Shade had spoken, however, it wasn't so ridiculous after all. Even though her skin and skeleton continued to remain fused, she suddenly felt as startled as if they were not.

"I--certainly hope not!" she cried, trying to mask her apprehension with a chuckle. Humor was one of her strong suits, though she only used it when she thought it was most appropriate. She was not a 'joker' by nature, as some of the soldiers in this present group had accused one another of being. Against all odds, the scientist found her tongue becoming untied. "When you do bite, however, the Brieders will start screaming." She fell silent. This I know.
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