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"You wouldn't know how..."

Onyx frowned a bit at that. His frown quickly turned into a smile as that meant his suit was really advanced. He wasn't one for bragging but he was pretty good when it came to what he specialized in. He couldn't wait to see this Shade in action. Another thought popped into his head. They were all calling him Shade, but what was his name? Did he even have a name?

"That goes for you too, Corporal."

Onyx shook his head as he stopped day dreaming. He saluted again and made his way to the requisition's officer. He got himself a sniper rifle for long range, an assault rifle for medium to close, and a few grenades. He also requested a pistol, which wasn't for him. The corporal walked back after getting his weapons and slowly approached the scientist.

You can do this Onyx...she's just a girl, she won't kill you...I hope.

"H-Here...for when we go out there. I uh...I can show you how to use it," Onyx said to the scientist as he held the pistol out to her.

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