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"Corporal, she's not assigned to the squad yet, or at all for that matter; she needs no guns at the moment. Besides, civilians aren't allowed to wield military firearms,"

Onyx looked to the Shade, completely confused. Of course his mask and glasses hid this look, he was still quite confused. She wasn't part of their squad? He was under the impression that she was, that's why she was here...right? He suddenly got very nervous after taking the pistol. What if the Sergeant got angry with him?

"Yes sir. Sorry sir, I thought she was with us....I guess I should have eavesdropped to have known that information, huh?" Onyx asked jokingly.

On that joke he quickly turned to look at Sergeant Kobayakawa. He chuckled now even more nervous then he was before.

"Not that I should have, I mean its rude...very very rude. I wouldn't want to hear the conversation anyway. I mean I would, I don't mean you two are I meant...sorry ma'am," Onyx said, cutting himself off before any more damage was done.
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