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2012 - Time for JK4

Now, I know many of you will immediately say "It's not going to happen". It has been over a decade since Jedi Knight Outcast was released and it was a major success. Jedi Academy was released coming up to 8 years ago but wasn't as successful, but still did well. I don't know the exact stats so correct me if I'm wrong.

Through these years we've seen many games come and go. Through this time Star Wars Galaxies was released and then shut down, The Force Unleashed came out and everyone hated it, TOR has just come out and although it's quite good, I don't see it lasting (People are going to get bored). It's clear that the people want a Battlefront 3 and a new Jedi Knight-styled game, a "JK4" maybe.

The reasons the Jedi Knight series still has a population today is clear... It has something for everyone. I don't consider myself a gamer by any means, yet some may argue a gamer is merely someone who plays games. I've played Jedi Academy for five of its eight years of existance because I found it's Multiplayer feature very good for roleplay. I also found that the combat was awesome, and was enjoyed by many FFAers giving options to use saber or guns.

The years have brought a lot of custom content enjoyed by the community such as JEDI's RPMOD and Movie Battles 2, something not easily re-lived with other games.

2012 is the time for JK4. Lucas arts needs to listen to its fanbase and understand what we want. We need to gather and support it!
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