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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
@adamqd---what would you like to see, specifically, that you feel is missing from TOR?
The way they instance/shard the game up in to sections means there is not a "Massive Multiplayer" feel, the most people I see are the 16 people in the Warzone. which leads me to another thing, 3 warzones and an imbalanced factional presence in the open worlds, makes PVP a minigame at best.

MMO stuff aside, I need an Appearance tab, and a Barber shop lol, I want to be able to have my Character look different to every other smuggler I come across, I know they have made it so lower level stuff can be modded but it rarely has the prerequisites to bring the armor rating up to par with high level gear; which whether it be PVE or PVP orientated, its not up to the job.

I will happily re-sub in the future, but its kind of a sub-par RPG, and a sub-par MMO put together at the Moment.

Regardless of my Love for KotOR and RPG's, if its an MMO I want to afk grind to end game and raid with badass gear, Story isn't on my mind. If I go to a dance club I'm gonna order a Jaeger-bomb and hit the dancefloor, not get a coffee and read a book at the corner table.
(I of course knew this game was trying something new with the fourth pillar stuff, but I didn't realize how little I would enjoy it)

There are other small things I dislike, but I'd rather not sully a KotOR III thread with it hehe.
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