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Revised Party Member List

A few people have expressed concerns about some party members, so I've decided to make a few minor changes. These are as follows:

Kotho'Epp: Same as before, Kotho'Epp is a twi'lek, a jedi outcast who has been your master and father figure for as long as you can remember.

Ceddra Malira: Same as before, Ceddra is a human jedi apprentice, training under Kotho'Epp with you.

Khaylia Talatheen: Khaylia is a human freelance mercenary, she is known throughout the galaxy for her impeccable covert abilities and ownership of the fastest ship in the galaxy, the Ebon Hawk.

Yaru Nesh: A sullustan mechanic, he and his father worked for many years underneath Vella the Hutt, he escapes aboard the Ebon Hawk when Vella's palace is destroyed.

HK-47: Same as before, HK can be found on Taris, and he has some interesting stories to tell.

Jek: Same as before, Jek is madalore's right hand man and is sent by mandalore to join the search and report his findings directly to mandalore.

Rakatan Droid: Same as before, the Rakatan droid can now be found with the first star map you uncover.

Vaner Shan: Vaner takes the place of Dustil, and can be found on Coruscant. His mother and father are Bastila and Revan respectively. More details later...

Sai Morlev: LordDeathRay's competition winner, Sai Morlev. More details later...

As before, the 10th Party Member will be a secret

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