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Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Finishing up with L.A Noire right now. Then hopefully God of War, God of War 2 (the ps3 remakes) and Assassins Creed Revelations will keep me going until the Jak and Daxter HD Collection is released next month.
L.A Noire bored the hell out of me, just too repetitive, but Revelations, I feel, was awesome. Although, still ended incredibly abrupt and with things unanswered like the last one. Le rage.

As for me, I was heavily rampaging through Star Wars: The Old Republic, playing no other game. I got my Sith Inquisitor/Assassin to 50 though and then i've been letting myself play casual and when I want instead of forcing myself to play it to reach level cap. I've been playing quite a lot of games now. Mass Effect (I'm doing my 'uber' saves for ME3), Minecraft, Skyrim and a bit of WoW

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