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TOR ate my KotOR
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Well I made a bonehead mistake, don't think anyone else around here will be this dense, but will share just in case. I was getting the message 'You must complete missions before you can do that" anytime I tried to get a new mission or talk to my companions. It was driving me crazy. Come to find out my mission log was full with flashpoints, space missions and heroic missions. So be a good house keeper and clean that stuff up or be doomed to failure like me.

Had to go back to Hoth as a missed at least two quests there.

Originally Posted by Zakhodit View Post
Running around gathering from nodes, espically nodes on planets that are well below your level, doesn't put a single credit in your pocket nor does it gain you any XP. In fact it takes time away from gaining XP and credits.
I hadn't gotten all the datacrons on the early planets, so it put datacrons in my pocket.
Went back to Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Tatooine and ventured to Tython to retrieve green goo. I also did low level crew skills missions in Bioanalysis. I did not try the GTN, have trouble paying for something that I can get myself (be it real life or in a game).

Thank you both, DarthParametric and Zakhodit for the suggestions.

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