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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I encountered a heroic on Nar Shaddaa's bonus series that had me going through a Republic base as an Imperial to reach an elevator that took you to the level the heroic was on.... :\ had to die in front of the elevator to get on it.
I remember that, but I'm not sure if that Republic Base was actually Republic Territory, if it was, you'd be notified by that. Just like if you go far enough on Alderaan as an Imperial you end up at House Organa and you get flagged for PvP within 10 seconds. Whether that mean you can automatically get attacked by any Republic player I don't know. What I have seen, however, was when I was on a quest on Tatooine in Sand People territory, a Republic player passed me and it seemed as if I could attack him, he had a yellow health bar. And I myself wasn't flagged for PvP.

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