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Monkey Island - Rock Versions

Hello MixNMojo guys!! I hope you will not consider this like a spam. I've presented this project on Italian MI Forum and Telltale forum. I won't to publicize myself, but I have the pleasure and desire to share my work with all Monkey Island fans possible, like me! I've always had the stupid fear to write here, because my english was really really bad (yes..very worst than now!) but I'm your follower since the dawning!

I always loved Rock Music and Monkey Island soundtrack, and since a couple of years, I've tried to do a mix of this two genres. In a first attemp with my friends, then with a band, and now, I've realized this dream, all by myself (and sorry for this autocelebration moment, but in the rest of the day I'm already too self-critic, so I'm happy to be proud of something made by myself).

I go straight to the point:

That's the playlist:
And that's the videopresentation of my project:
There's 8 video, for now. I'll come here to update this topic from time to time. I'm slow, and I do this just for fun, so I can work only in the spare time.

Hope you will like, and let me know if this is so!
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