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Mio watched as the soldiers infront of her exchanged words, all started with Andrew's usual attitude but escalating on what she thought had been a private exchange of words with the Doctor. Mio sighed. This wasn't exactly what she hoped for so soon in the game, all the tranquility she hoped for or at least camaraderie she hoped for was mostly gone. She took a deep breath and then looked at all of them.

"Alright, enough of this. You don't have to like each other but you will respect each other. Act like soldiers goddamn it! You're like boys fighting over toys, now I will meet all of you in the hangar bay at 1300 hours. Dismissed!", she said and left the room without so much as a second thought.

She walked right across a hall and turned on a corner. She pressed herself on the wall and just sighed deeply. Any hope for this going smoothly went down the drain fast...

She shook her head a little, tapped the wall and went on her way. She filled a report to her father, the General specifically discussing the young Doctor and her desire to come along, emphasizing her thirst for knowledge and her research value. But she only obtained from her father a small reply. "I'll look into it".

She sighed once more and lay back on her chair in front of her desk in her quarters.

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