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^^^XD Too bad I didn't come back and look at that sooner. That woulda cheered me up at the moment.

Well, I would not say this is terrible but I recently discovered I am lactose intolerant. >_<
At first it didn't bother me switching to soy milk for my cereal in the morning. Unfortunately what this means is I have to avoid some of my favorite ice cream, cheesecake, the fried fried ice cream at a certain Japanese restaurant I go to.

But what pisses me off most of all, is I have to avoid cheese. >_>
...unless I want to make an emergency trip to the toilet half an hour later.
At least NOW I figured out why it would happen at odd times.

Might also have a case of acid reflux. Currently it's a matter of wrestling down my soda addiction to see if these spells aren't being caused by my diet.

Dammit. This kind of crap happening is for old people. I'm not that old!

Anybody else here have lactose intolerance?
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