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•Level 50 players now participate in their own Warzone bracket and will not be matched with lower-level players.

This is something that has been greatly anticipated and will be well recieved by those in the community who PvP. Well, at least by most. As an active level 50 PvPer, it is somewhat agrivating to pop into a Warzone only to find that you are the only level 50 on your team, and the other team is well stacked. So the majority of the level 50s will probably appreciate this addition. I'm sure that some will be sad that the days of stunning and destroying the wide eyed level 12s fresh off of their starter world have now come to a close (at least in warzones) but overall it should a positive change. Hell, I know that I will be PvPing on my alts more now that the field will be a bit more level.

I am SUPER excited about trying this new Flashpoint!
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