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oh no doubt, there is always going to be imbalances. At this point, this early on in the game, you have to be a seriously dedicated PvPer to have the good gear. There are people who have full Champion PvP suits already, and that addition of the Expertise stat makes a difference in PvP. I have always felt that the PvP gear was a bit Too good. Simply because trying to find or piece together through mods a suit of armor that is better then the PvP gear is fairly hard. And some stats (like the expertise stat) are only found in PvP rewards. (dont quote me on that, im not too familiar with the crafting system as of yet)

But the bottom line is, a level 50 in PvE gear is going to stand a much better chance against these serious PvPers then a level 30 in quest reward armor.

Something i am going to be interested in watching is the lower level bracket. the players who are 40-49 are going to have a serious edge over the rest of the pack, and their main challenges have just been removed... Of course once they cross into the 50 bracket they are going to have to adjust. Quickly.
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