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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
I taught them all a bit about D&D yesterday. They seemed to enjoy it... though all we really did was make characters for them, and a sample combat encounter. Barely scratched the surface. And I'm super rusty as a DM. I guess I need to re-read some of the rule books.

I'm my copious spare time, of course...
Which version of D&D? Regardless, use a pregen campaign.

In my D&D group we have a bunch of high level characters (16-18) but it is all homebrew for the adventures, and setting. Rather talented DM I got. tho the players don't have much imagination.

THis weekend I am having an early birthday party where I am going to play this

with all the expansions (Dungeons, Highland, Frostmarch, Reaper, Sacred pool, and Dragon). Completely random, beer and pretzels D&D game

Going shopping for some of the food right now

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