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Ebon Hawk

Jun-la received the transmission as she seated herself in the pilot's chair.

"Haven't you had a chance to get the upgrades on this bucket?" Andros looked at his master with good humor.

"No the Republic didn't figure in long term care in the design Andros. So everything's a go." Jun-la made adjustments and commenced liftoff. The Ebon Hawk would get them where they needed to go and back.

Not exceeding port speed she guided the ship out. She called through the comm, "Preparing for lightspeed. All hands take a seat." Without much delay she entered in the coordinates from the navicomputer. Once in she pulled the switch. "Hang on."


Tavaryn milled around his drop ship while the ship headed towards Dagobah. He looked over to spy Komad Kaltas. He walked over and said, "Nice to see a familiar face. How goes it Master Kaltas?"

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