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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
I just got my ship and am preparing to leave Coruscant. Just one question though... do you think it's a bit pretentious of me to nickname my ship "The Clap"?

That's what my friend calls his ship.

I'm leveling my commando with his vanguard plus a sage and guardian. Leveling in a group of 4 with two of them having Mortar Volley only accents how truely awesome Troopers are. Walk into a room full of non-elites? Room asplodes and the Sage & Knight are picking up the scraps.

Having way too much fun as a Commando...

The other day I decided I was far too amazing for normal armor and was in need of a cape so I purchased an orange JK piece with extra Tat Commendations and outfitted it with Aim Mods. I'm officially the caped crusader and it's friggin awesome.

Cape + Massive Double Barrel Cannon + Big explosions = Pure Nirvana

Troopers are pretty dang boss.

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