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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
Which version of D&D? Regardless, use a pregen campaign.

In my D&D group we have a bunch of high level characters (16-18) but it is all homebrew for the adventures, and setting. Rather talented DM I got. tho the players don't have much imagination.

THis weekend I am having an early birthday party where I am going to play this
with all the expansions (Dungeons, Highland, Frostmarch, Reaper, Sacred pool, and Dragon). Completely random, beer and pretzels D&D game

I ONLY have 1st Edition AD&D and the various "Basic" D&D sets.

You gotta remember: The last time I ACTUALLY ever played D&D was around 1985 or '86! I think I was 15. (I'm 41 now...)

I was out of it before 2nd Ed. appeared.

I was typically DM. I always made my own adventures from scratch... though I own a few modules, I almost never used them. I used the Greyhawk map as a setting for a while... then built my own world. I still have it.

But it's been the better part of 30 years since I've even given it much thought. I didn't even remember most of the combat procedures.

I was thinking of getting the 4E books, just so the kids could play the current game... but I have yet to read a positive review of it from somebody who is an old school gamer.

Maybe I'll just look into one of the free 3.5 "Retro-Clone" D20-System games that are floating around on the web...

But actually, the more I think of it, the "Red Box Basic" BECMI system is probably the best way to start them out. That's how I began...

What we played the other day was kind of an amalgam of stripped-down 1E AD&D and Basic... just to give a feel, and for me to figure out if they even liked it, and if they could possibly handle something more rules intensive.

Interesting news:
WOTC is re-releasing the 1E core rulebooks this spring. I already have originals... but I think it's pretty cool!

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