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TOR ate my KotOR
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Not a question, but more like a word of warning or a just in case.

Last night wasn't a good night for TOR with me. It started off great, got some upgrades (thanks to Mav), then fought some bad guys and did a little collecting. Once my rested xp was gone went to the ship to do some space missions. In the middle of the battle I was kicked off the server. Got right back on, but my toon was stuck in conversation mode. Hit ESC, Hit Spacebar, tried the move button, Logged off and on, Logged off turned off PC and then back on... Googled for answered...Prayed...NOTHING WORKED. The staff answer on the TOR site said go to PVP mode and use the Fleet Pass. Nope did not work. Contacted support (no reply as of this morning). Read on TOR forum where someone said sending companions on crew mission got him out of conversation mode when they returned. Sent three companions out to do the shortest missions possible. Understand by this time I'm ready to quit TOR for good. If I lose a level 43 character over this I'm not playing the game anymore. I’m not playing a MMO ever again. I’m not playing a game that only allows one save ever again. First companion comes back, my toon is still stuck. Log off before the next get back and then log back on. Next two companions are back and I am out of conversation mode. Run around ship in circles for the joy of it and then log off as far away as possible from the galaxy map.

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