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Lenatha turned to look at Kalla and just shuffled a few things in her bag before getting back to her.

"Yes, let's see", She said as she took out a few scanners. She then smiled to Kalla so to just ease any tension she might have. Nobody really took a liking to getting checked up by Doctors, and mostly everyone flinched at the sight of the scanners.

"This won't take long", She said as she reached for a small bioscanner. She moved it from the top of Kalla's head to the bottom. She then took a smaller scanner and pressed it to Kalla's stomach only slightly just to get an ultrasound. And then put the scanners away.

"Everything seems fine Kalla, if you were worried about why I asked to examine you, you don't need to be, it's just a little check up after all the running around you've been doing seemed like a good idea", Lenatha said giving Kalla a small smile. "Have you been feeling alright? Nothing out of the ordinary?"

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