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"Yes sir. Sorry sir, I thought she was with us....I guess I should have eavesdropped to have known that information, huh?" The Corporal asked in a manner that the Shade didn't care for.

S202A simply stared at the Corporal over the comment, it wasn't that he himself had eavesdropped, no, he'd not, he just knew that the woman was not in there squad, but he had also grasped a lot of what had been said between the Sergeant and the scientist with the information that he'd gathered from their persons in his own manner of learning things. But he became distracted as he felt the ping of foreign 'feelings' rushing against him; he looked over at the scientist to find her fretting over matters of person, place, duty, and other somewhat trivial things, but this was not all, no, another mind was there as well, reaching out and grasping hers, siphoning what it could from the surface without it ever being known (not that it would have been by a non-'psychic'). S202A swiveled his head in the man-in-the-black-duo's direction, leering at him with his masked and goggled face. This man was putting his mind towards hers, pulling her thoughts into his to 'hear' hers, a 'telepath' as it were; he on the other hand did not reach out, not without cause at least, no, his mind simply perceived thoughts from afar, much like feeling ocean waves hitting oneself, though that was a poor description as to how the 'feelings' came against his mind. He certainly did not invade others privacy, not without due cause at the least, not like this man was doing, he only perceived their thoughts against himself - it was much like trying to stop oneself from trying not to taste, if you didn't eat, no taste in the mouth, but that did not mean that the tongue had stopped tasting, to the contrary, the tongue is always tasting, and the sense itself is always there; it was this way with his mind to some extent.

The Shade shifted ever-so-slightly as he stared at the man, only to find the woman come rushing from behind and bat the man in the back of the head growling something at him he perceived the man's grasp releasing, S202A watching as he sauntered off into the armory.

'A knife indeed....' The Shade thought coolly to himself as he drove his attention elsewhere with some slight effort, noticing the Corporal still making a fool of himself.

"Not that I should have, I mean its rude...very very rude. I wouldn't want to hear the conversation anyway. I mean I would, I don't mean you two are I meant...sorry ma'am," the Corporal said in succession, stopping short to ease his ill-fated reparations. The Shade only stared and grunted ever-so-slightly.

"Alright, enough of this. You don't have to like each other but you will respect each other....." S202A was immediately at attention.

".....You're like boys fighting over toys, now I will meet all of you in the hangar bay at 1300 hours. Dismissed!" The Shade brought his hand up in a quick salute, but said nothing, he thought he'd already handled everyone, but he knew that if order were to be established then the Sergeant would have to be seen as the one in command, and so he said nothing on the matter. He watched as the Sergeant walked off, turning a corner she vanished from view, or the others' view at least, he could still perceive much of what was going on around the bend.

"'Any hope for this going smoothly went down the drain fast...'" Was the faint echo that murmured from afar, reaching the walls of his mind. Almost simultaneously melding with the words reaching his ears from the nearby Corporal.

"Hm?" S202A muttered as his head swiveled to the Corporal, his mind filling in the blanks of the words he'd missed. He looked back over at the end of the hall where the Sergeant had disappeared around the bend, thinking on what he'd grazed from her only seconds ago; speaking ominously, "They never assured we were coming back....Corporal."

If one wanted blunt honesty, they asked a Shade, if they wanted comfort, they didn't; if the Corporal had been hoping for the latter, then he had just been sorely disappointed. The Shade stared at the Corporal silently, brief breaths of fog escaping his mask ever-so-often.

S202A then turned and walked down the hall in the same direction the Sergeant had gone, turning the same corner and disappearing from view of the others.

The Shade spent most of the excess time he had meandering through the military complex, avoiding large groups of people to help ease his mind's constant assault from the outside world, and those few he found walking through the halls giving him shocked or terrified expressions as he walked by them, though, he himself felt nothing of this, in fact it was normal to him, he'd be more concerned if they didn't act that way around him. After some time had passed he decided to stop, looking around he found himself standing outside of the Sergeant's quarters. He stared up at the room number over the doorway, and then at the name on the door, and stared, feeling out the area behind the door he found that someone was indeed still there.

He looked down at his wrist, a flat display on his glove instantly, and automatically activating, showing the time, both in military and basic. He looked over at the door, then back at the display, finally approaching, he knocked twice before opening the door, not waiting for a reply.

He stepped in the room, finding the Sergeant at her desk, he spoke up in the same cool, empty tone he always used, and always had.

"Sir, ma'am, it's getting close to departure time," was all he said, finding himself unable to give a better excuse than that for entering her quarters; he simply stood there, staring and waiting.

((Since no one was doing anything, I thought I'd give some initiative for everyone to carry this forward! Sorry if jumping the time ahead was uncalled for Shana, will edit out if so asked.))

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