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Another Groovy Top Ten List!

Top Ten Dissapointments for Gamers!

(From the perspective of a video game store manager in the field)

10. Nintendo 3DS: Worst Handheld Nintendo Launch ever!

Nintendo practically invented the hand held. GAMEBOY was one of the first. Followed by gameboy advance, and it's sexy cousin Gameboy Advance SP. DS was slow to the start but titles such as Nintendogs and Mario Kart made them a hot household item. The DS Lite has held the Guiness world record as the fastest selling system of all time. A few years ago I could not keel them in stock. Boys were willing to buy pink ones just so they could play pokemon. It was insane! The DSI was the Nintendo answer to the ipod touch ad it featured two cameras and wi-fi Internet access. The DSI XL was a larger version of the DSI offering nothing more than a bigger screen.
The 3DS seemed to be the next big money making juggernaught. Very slick. Offering the ability to watch Netflix as the ability to play games in 3D without the use of 3D glasses. VERY Impressive technology! However where they failed was an overall lack of launch titles. Sure there was a Nintendogs, but no Mario anything. Most of the games kind of sucked, and the 3D was spreading rumors of headaches. The system launched at $249.99, but was quickly reduced to $169.99, prior to Christmas. During the holidays the 3DS was not my fastest selling system. People still wanted DS Lites, DS XLs, and DSI. I still have a surplus of 3DS. I could blame the economy, but I blame Nintendo for confusing the **** out of my customers by changing the handheld every six months, and for a very lackluster amount of 3DS games.

9. Nintendo Wii no longer plays gamecube games, and is no longer packed with wii sports!
Nintendo? What the hell? In 2007 Nintendo aimed its resources to the casual gamer market, intending to establish a family console where all ages could play together. The affordable price tag at the time launched it into superstars status. For about 3 years this system was impossible to keep in stock. Nintendo's direction was also it's undoing. See, casual gamers do not have the profound need to buy new games every week. We would sell a wii. They are happy with wii sports, and we never see them again. Ever. So for a limited time, Nintendo sells Wii Sports for $20. By limited I mean by a month. Fast forward to 2011. You can get one of two wii systems packed with either Mario Kart, or New Super Mario Bros. Neither system will no longer play gamecube game. Again What the HELL Nintendo? Also. The latest Zelda game uses Motion Plus. If you missed on this tech last year, guess what? You have to spend another $40 on the remote you need to play Zelda. LAME!

8. Duke Nukem Forever.

Most people have lived an entire life during the developement of this game. Duke Nukem was a popular shooter franchise in the 90's that stole many lines from popular movies. In 2010 3D REALMS closed shop and Duke Nukem 4 got scrapped for good. When most of 3DRealms staff moved to Gearbox, the company vowed to finish it and put it out. What you get is a fish out of water. A game that shows signs of age, and lack of imagination. BY Christmastime we were practically giving this game away. SERIOUSLY. At one point you could have picked this game up used for $8.99! Horrible!

7. L.A. Noire
Roxstar makes such classics like Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Red Dead Redemption, they put so much into this title, but it's core gameplay is it's ultimate undoing. The game boasted some serious acting ab motion capture, but what we got on day one was a game that ran on tediousness. Picking up countless bottles in an ally might be fun if you are training to be a csi, but not so fun if you are a gamer. I lost interest about two hours in. I felt like I was trapped in a bad episode of Dragnet. There is no open world, just a lot of tedious puzzle solving. GREAT game for prospective cops, nothing for anyone else.

6. Playstation 3 network gets hacked.

Right after Mortal Kombat came out, reports of network got hacked. During this time Sony held special training sessions for Gamestop Managers. While it was out for a long.time, Sony made good by offering free game downloaded and free month to Playstation Plus.

5. Brink

Our company pushed the hell out of this shooter which boasted a "team fortress" like gameplay in a "waterworld" type setting. It sucked. MOST online. Only games just fail.

4. Bulletstorm

Demo showed promise, but final results had you playing as a bad mock up of Wolverine in a script written by 12 year oles who just discovered profanity. The novelty of killing by electric fence wears off really soon.

3. Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Unless you really wanted to match Wolverine against choice members of Umbrella. This game sucked hard.

2. Homefront

You would think a game idea from the writer of "Red Dawn" would deliver. No.rental at best.

1. Red Dead Armegeddon

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