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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Hello there. This is indeed the wrong section, but let's wait for a mod to move it.

Anyway, onto your problem. What exactly are you trying to do that differs from my mod? I'm almost sure what's your problem, but I need to know that first.

P.S: Thanks for downloading my mod.
I am trying to change the models from the EP3 clones to EP2 clones so I can use them in every level but I want to change them around like this:

Rifleman becomes a marine (rep_inf_ep2_marine)
Rocket-man stays the same (rep_inf_ep2_rocketeer)
Engineer stays the same (rep_inf_ep2_engineer)
Sniper stays the same (rep_inf_ep2_sniper)
Officer becomes a Rail Arc Trooper (rep_inf_ep2_rocketeer_chaingun)
Jetpack trooper becomes a Jetpack trooper with a rifle (rep_inf_ep2_jettrooper_rifleman)

but it keeps on crashing when I replace the 'rep.lvl'

So how did you do it?

P.S. I love your mod.
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