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Originally Posted by Pie015 View Post
Rifleman becomes a marine (rep_inf_ep2_marine)
Rocket-man stays the same (rep_inf_ep2_rocketeer)
Engineer stays the same (rep_inf_ep2_engineer)
Sniper stays the same (rep_inf_ep2_sniper)
Officer becomes a Rail Arc Trooper (rep_inf_ep2_rocketeer_chaingun)
Jetpack trooper becomes a Jetpack trooper with a rifle (rep_inf_ep2_jettrooper_rifleman)
So, the only difference from what I did is that you want the Jet Trooper with a rifle? Because the ARC Trooper with the chaingun is already on my mod. If change the weapons, your mod won't work online (unless the other people you play with also have the same mod installed). If you want your mod to work online, you can't edit the weapons nor any of the stats. You can only edit the skins or models.

Originally Posted by Pie015 View Post
but it keeps on crashing when I replace the 'rep.lvl'

So how did you do it?
What I did was to replace the content in the files of every ep3 class with the content of the ep2 classes. But you can't change the name of the file itself. You then munge, and replace the .lvl file created with the one in the game's folder. Again, it won't change the weapons, only the models.

Originally Posted by Pie015 View Post
P.S. I love your mod.

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