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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan Bologna View Post
TOR may get a large fanbase, but it's not a great continuation of the series.
Says someone that has not tried it.

Many of the references in TOR to TSL or KotOR have left me wanting, but overall I believe TOR is very much in line with the KotOR experience. Plays an awful lot like a RPG (too much for some MMO players). Only speaking from the Smugglers story line, but the story is very entertaining and unique. Game play is fun, but by no means easy (at least for a old fart like me). So far the KotOR/TSL fanboy in me is very happy calling TOR a sequel to the franchise. A few little things I would like to change, but as a person that once stated as a fact I would never play a MMO that charged monthly, I am very happy someone talked me into this game.

So things I would like to see in KotOR III? I am already playing KotOR III and loving it.

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