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I'd say it isn't dead, at least not in the sense that it is worthy of nothing more than nice sendoff.

While I'm sure that every single person who writes anything has certain shortcomings, no matter what it is they write for, be it professionally, or if they do it either to hone their skills(perhaps of doing it professionally), or if they enjoy it. The trouble is, when you really think that there should be rules when trying to write a story. Certainly, but not rules so restrictive that the thinking goes more towards "No one will want to read this", then the thinking that someone will read it, merely because you wrote it, and perhaps posted it online, or showed it to them. Along with that goes the potential for the writer to take in the comments that he or she gets, and either uses those to improve the work in question, or future pieces.

But there should be a certain divide between a story written to be read as a book, and one that is written explicitly for a movie. While some books can easily make the transition, some get it exactly right - while others don't. The movie has the potential to leave out certain facts that are integral to the story, even if at the current point, the detail is minimal. Such as any story that involves a seemingly common item, that later(either in the film, or in a sequel), becomes important. If the detail is left out, then unless the sequel does something to introduce it, it becomes perhaps a bit to obvious.

Though I can't say I don't know my own problems. I usually go the route of trying to present an interesting story, if nothing else. Maybe, as I would hope, the references, the small details that either foreshadows something, or becomes important, an entire scene that clearly defines a character, these things come off as fairly clear, if not things that people can understand. I can certainly imagine an action scene that, at least to me is quite interesting, the problem always becomes not that I can't get it out, but the pacing. Weather I'd want to stretch it out, having the characters keep exchanging the verbal blows, alongside the physical ones, while keeping the scene interesting to read. Aside from that, there are also the scenes which are easier to imagine(like one character against many), where it is either a complete curb-stomp, or a struggle by main character, to take down the multitude of mooks sent their way.

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