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My name is Hizuni...and my Onii-chan Kai always told me never to lose hope. But as we travel across the this shattered world I can't help but wonder...Is there any hope left in this world? The projects that Doctor Hymen created have destroyed nearly everything and left the world with only a few defenders including myself. So as we travel across the world I constantly ask myself the same question:

Is there any hope left in this ruined world?

The sounds of combat echoing through the ruined city instantly brought Kai out of a deep sleep. Almost instantly he was on his feet and his battleworn device began to glow in readiness. Hizuni rolled over on her side and then a moment later her eyes opened wide and she quickly got on her feet. She put a hand down next to her device as it began to glow with readiness as well.

Kai put a finger up to his lips motioning for her to stay quiet. He took a quick look over at Shana who's left arm was wrapped in bandages. She was still sleeping but Kai had been seeing signs that she might wake up soon. Before he had fallen asleep he had heard her muttering in her sleep and her device was glowing faintly and not flashing anymore which he took as a good sign. But if the projects had found them as he feared then they would be in deep trouble. Kai was still tired and Hizuni couldn't hold off one of the projects on her own.

But if the three of them were here...then who was fighting outside?

"Stay here with Shana." He said quietly as he looked down at his device. "If I don't come back within an hour I want you to stay low and wait for whatever it is to move on. After that, grab as many supplies as you can and find somwhere else to hide. If what I suspect is true then they may have discovered where we're hiding."

"Isn't it possible that whoever is fighting out there is an ally Onii-chan?"

"It's unlikely. For all we know it could be some sort of manuver to draw us out into the open. Remember, stay here."

Hizuni nodded and took up a position next to Shana as Kai quietly but quickly moved outside and looked towards the sky where the sound of the battle were coming from. He couldn't really see any of the people fighting but there were bright flashs of light filling the sky. He could hear shouts of anger and fear echoing through the skies.

A sudden beam of light shot straight up into the sky. Kai's eyes widened in suprise and shock and disbelief. That beam of light was familiar, in fact he knew it could only belong to one person but that person was dead...she had died buying time for Hizuni, Kai and Shana to escape.

It can't be...But if it is...then I need to help!

For the first time in a long time, a genuine smile appeared on his face as he heard something that he hadn't heard in a long time.

"Holy Light Buster!"

The words were quickly followed by another massive blast of magical energy shot into the air, only this time Kai heard a shout of despair and a scream of fear and then silence.

Kai's smile quickly turned to a frown. All that was there was silence. No sounds or anything. Kai listened for a moment and then heard a thud as something hit the ground. Kai instantly ran towards the area where he had heard the thud. Was it possible that it was her? That she had somehow survived and found them only to be taken down by a project?

No! It's not fair! Kai thought as he ran and after a few minutes of running saw two figures laying on the ground in heaps. One of them was covered in dark red armor and it had a large hole in it's chest . Kai took a closer look and checked to see if it still had a pulse.

No pulse. Kai sighed in relief. If this thing was a project then it was dead and there was one less project around to cause mayhem and destruction

He quickly turned and took a quick look at the second figure that had hit the ground. He could tell instantly that this was a female. She had medium length hair but she had hit the ground on her stomach and was holding her side in pain. Kai thought about turning her over but she was apparently in a lot of pain.

"Captain Terranova?" He asked quietly. "Captain's me. It's Kai."

The figure continued holding her side and as Kai took a closer look at her wound he could instantly tell that it was a bad one. She was bleeding badly from her side and it looked as if she was slipping in and out of consciousness. He thought for a moment on what to do and a sudden idea came to mind. He took off his jacket and gently wrapped it around her wound and picked her up in his arms. When he saw the figure's face he had to work hard to keep tears coming from his eyes.

It was Captain Terranova and she looked like she had gone through hell. Her face was covered in cuts and bruises and there were a few scars across her face. Kai's mind was working overtime as he tried to think of what to do next. He had to get her to the hospital that much was obvious but how could he treat injuries like that ones that the Captain had sustained?

"Hold on Captain." He said quietly as he took off towards the hospital as quickly as he could without putting the captain in any more pain then she was already obviously in. He could hear her muttering and her eyes were clenching. "Can't be...your dead. A trick...some sort of one survived."

"Hold on." He said again quietly as he continued moving towards the hospital. "Your going to be alright. I promise you you'll be alright. We just need to get you to the hospital. Hopefully your sister is awake by now. She knows more about injuries then I do."

"Shana..." Terranova muttered again and her eyes finally opened slightly. "Kai? You can't be here...your dead. You died after project Z was released. This is some sort of trick."

"I assure you...It's not a trick." Kai said gently as they finally reached the hospital. He could see movement through one of the shattered remains of the windows. "Hizuni!" He called out. "Get the medkit, we have somebody who was injured! Is Shana awake?"

"She just woke up a few minutes ago Onii-chan." Hizuni's voice answered back. "She's still a little out of it but she seems okay except for the arm."

Kai quickly walked into the hospital and gently set Terranova down on a blanket that Hizuni had placed on the ground. "Bring Shana out here. This is someone I bet she'll be glad to see." Kai said as he grabbed some bandages and begant to work on the captain's wound on her side.

"She's on her way Captain." Kai said quietly as he continued to bandage her wound even as he heard the door behind him open. He heard a gasp and smiled slightly. He knew who it was.

"Shana...Look who we found."
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