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Mod request that is cool for KotOR or TSL

Hey does anyone know if there is a mod and if not would it be possible to have more than the max number of party members? I know that this wouldn't work but would it work if you had a bunche of party members on the ebon hawk. and then when you talk to them there could be a new dialog option where you would say "I don't want you in my party" or "I Want you in my party replace (list of party members to choose from). That way when ever you go to a world you could choose which list of members is an option to you and could have more members. And you could even disqise it a little like saying to them "you should stay on the ship for this world" and could you come along (member name) is stating behind. So thats it Is there anything out there like this? If not does this sound like this would be a possible mod like would it work? Thanks to any who get back to me
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