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Lenatha chuckled a little at Kalla's joke giving her a smile at the end. And then as she finished tucking away her gear she turned to look at Kalla once more.

"Well, she's been a little tense still, with our honeymoon in Aquilaris being crashed by the sith, she just kinda flipped", Lenatha said frowning a little at the memory. "I can't say I don't feel where she's coming from. All she wanted was for us to finally enjoy a moment of peace and it frustrates her that we just can't have that yet. She was happy though that it was thanks to you and Tonatius that we were able to make it off Aquilaris in time".

Lenatha then walked to Kalla and placed her hand gently on her arm.

"You only need just call us and we'll be there for you Kalla, I'm sure Andorra would say the same. No matter where we are, we are still friends right?", Lenatha said pacing around the room afterwards, only stopping to lean on a beam. "One day we'll just look back and all of this will be a memory".

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