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((The medic is "on board", but in this timeframe, she doesn't know it yet.))

In the time that had elapsed between discovering that her Brieder tissue sample was now "off the grid", and the designated hour for Mio's squadron to move out, Cadice Marin had since alerted her mentor at the Cretia facility, Dr. Arsinoe "Sina" Kiriakis. Sina was almost twice Cadice's age, and she knew computer networks like the back of her hand. Cadice herself had gravitated toward biological research ever since she was a teenager at an elite math and science academy. Sina, however, had followed the pathways of binary code. Ones and zeroes were far more fascinating to her than hearts and livers; thus, she was the Senior Systems Analyst at Cretia. If anyone would know why all records of the sample parcel were now nonexistent, blocked by a lethal and red-lettered screen of "Access Denied", Sina would. Thus, Cadice waited for her next haptophone communique as if her life depended on it.

When her earbuds tingled, the younger researcher jumped a mile. "Sina?!"

"It's me, all right. Sit down if there's a chair nearby. Fainting is futile."

Darting toward a nearby seat in the command center, Cadice obeyed. "Yes?" On her back, she wore a borrowed military-issue knapsack full of medical supplies. Just in case she were cleared to go on the mission with Mio and her fellow soldiers, Cadice wanted to be prepared. For everyone, she carried basic first-aid supplies, and also syringes full of adrenaline, norepinephrine, and painkillers. For herself, and herself alone, she carried her mixture. She was running drastically low, but war was war. If she was going into battle, no post-traumatic stress disorder would ever bring her down!

"Now." That was Sina's voice. "Stay calm. Our network has been hacked."

Cadice took a deep breath. "All right. That much I suspected."

"What you probably didn't suspect is this: the only personnel who would have access to records as classified as those of your tissue sample package are those who have intimate knowledge of Cretia's network systems. This was not done by some idiot savant or computer-whiz teenager who thought it would be 'cool' to hack into military and scientific research. We have a mole in our midst. A spy. He or she has gone right over our heads--MY head--and deleted all information about what could be the most important specimen Cretia's ever seen." Sina paused, waiting for Cadice's reply.

Cadice hadn't wanted to tell Sina how vital this particular tissue sample really was. "Catalogued" Brieders weren't just found and entered into databases: they were marked with special instructions for researchers to handle with the utmost care. For a Brieder to be catalogued, it had to be remarkably different from its peers. How had this one stood out? Shivering, she answered "Yes."

When nothing but silence came, she almost whispered, "Arsinoe?"

"Let me handle this. One of our own has betrayed us, and it's my fault..."
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