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Originally Posted by The Daft Punk View Post
Hey everyone! First post here at the fine Holowan Labs, makers and purveyors of KotOR mods.

I've been a longtime fan of KotOR, and for Christmas I finally got my hands on a copy for my Mac (specifically a svelte Macbook pro). Now, half the fun of PC games are the mods; the only trouble is, I can't seem to find a way to get them to work (except for Red Hawke's excellent ORD Mantell mod, which was a awesome and incredibly professional).

Now that I've seen what a proper KotOR mod is like, I'm ready for more. Except, of course, I can't get them to work. Is there any way I can either download PC mods and then tweak them to work on my Mac, or am I fresh out of luck?

Any advice would be great! Glad to be here!
funny...that's one of the few that I CANT get to work at the moment.
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