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((Yeah, I just put it out there so you'd follow at your own pace and I could get our side moving))

Mio had giggled a bit at his instant love rejection, the fact that he jumped to that conclusion first was indeed something amusingly unexpected. But, it did prove that her mind shield was working.

Shades were hard to read, as they can't allow themselves to have emotion, placing your trust on someone who, while being essentially human, lacked most of what made a human in society was almost impossible. But she could depend on her unit, and the Shade had been part of the unit for some time now.

Mio was taken aback by the Shade's sudden words. She was completely certain that he would answer her with a resolute no, but him saying that he trusted her judgement, somehow took her completely by surprise.

I may have misjudged him, maybe there's more to him that what I see... or that he lets me see...

She then realized she had put down her mental barrier and put it back up. Mio hoped he hadn't picked that up, but she had no way of knowing it, as he was back again to being impossible to read.

She then giggled at his remark of Andrew, she usually did not giggle like that, but she was a woman, as much as she was a soldier.

"You can bet that if the time comes, I won't stop you", she said giving him a wink. She also knew that Andrew was probably THE only soldier in the unit who could match the Shade, both being specially trained and Andrew's higher psychic powers could put them both on equal grounds, but she did not want to test this bout. "But seriously, I'll try to have Erica keep Andrew on a leash, so you don't have to worry about that".

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