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Ebon Hawk

Kalla then got up, and gave Lenatha a friendly hug. "Who knows, this may all be over sooner than you think." She said, "And don't tell my dad and my stepdad that I said this, but it was what happened to you and Andorra that convinced them to just have a small wedding aboard the Ackbar, and hold off on the honeymoon until after the Sith have been dealt with."


The two ATT's touched down in a relatively dry area not far from Yoda's Hut.

"What have we got?" Master Skywalker immediately asked.

"As expected, the environment is blocking out any lifesigns, but we are getting some massive energy readings from the cave." Master Mede explained.

"Whatever they're doing there, it's got to be big." Komad commented.

"At least we'll be able to get in undetected." Master Vel pointed out.

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