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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
However where they failed was an overall lack of launch titles. Sure there was a Nintendogs, but no Mario anything.
Okay so it's like the PS3 when it started out... Things will get better... OH what the hell am I saying I don't even own a 3DS.

That new Mario that is yet to come title looks like a NES Mario 3 owner's wet dream, though. Seriously it would be worth the wait IMO. Essentially mario 3 all over again but on essentially an updated Mario 64 esque engine.

Most of the games kind of sucked, and the 3D was spreading rumors of headaches. The system launched at $249.99, but was quickly reduced to $169.99, prior to Christmas. During the holidays the 3DS was not my fastest selling system. People still wanted DS Lites, DS XLs, and DSI. I still have a surplus of 3DS. I could blame the economy, but I blame Nintendo for confusing the **** out of my customers by changing the handheld every six months, and for a very lackluster amount of 3DS games.
Fair enough. Admittedly my pal gave me his old DS lite last year, and another friend sold me Dragon Quest IV and Castlevania order of ecclasia. Both very good titles, and yes I only recently got around to them. Sorry I'm not on the front cutting edge of gaming anymore.

8. Duke Nukem Forever.

Most people have lived an entire life during the developement of this game. Duke Nukem was a popular shooter franchise in the 90's that stole many lines from popular movies. In 2010 3D REALMS closed shop and Duke Nukem 4 got scrapped for good. When most of 3DRealms staff moved to Gearbox, the company vowed to finish it and put it out. What you get is a fish out of water. A game that shows signs of age, and lack of imagination. BY Christmastime we were practically giving this game away. SERIOUSLY. At one point you could have picked this game up used for $8.99! Horrible!
Actually I got it for $8.09. Look, I understand that we all had great expectations. Still after, what, 12 years in development it is impossible for ANYTHING to live up to the hype or expectations. I just take it for what it is, a little bit of fun from the late 90's.

6. Playstation 3 network gets hacked.

Right after Mortal Kombat came out, reports of network got hacked. During this time Sony held special training sessions for Gamestop Managers. While it was out for a long.time, Sony made good by offering free game downloaded and free month to Playstation Plus.
I'm still a little irritated that the PS3 won't play PS2 games. And while I have now a PS2 slim and a few older PS2 units, I was hoping for an upgrade in system so I could retire these. The older PS3s can play PS2 games or so I hear but I'm not about to go out of my way to look for one. Then again I'm probably not going to get a PS3 in the foreseeable future anyway.

3. Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Unless you really wanted to match Wolverine against choice members of Umbrella. This game sucked hard.
For the most part, it is probably having more to do with the fact that it had been 10 years since MVC2 had been released and Capcom was testing the waters to see if this fanbase could be pressed for profits. I won't say it sucked hard but I will say I found it underwhelming when I demoed it at Fry's down in San Diego last year. I wished it had more gameplay modes and exhibitions myself. They rebalanced it in ultimate. Still I have not bought it. I just wish they had put a little more attention into the overall game.
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