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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
A healer is not really a solo play class. Only reason to roll a healer is for group content. Of course much the same could be said for tanks.
I finally got a chance to play my SawBones some last night, solo'ed all the way through Coruscant (including side quests) with 2 deaths total, both of which could have been prevented had the rest of it not been such a snooze fest.
Finished & got my ship at level 15.75, 3-5 levels lower than my gunslinger was.

I'm currently using Corso (didn't have a choice) but I'm wondering, when I do have a choice, what would be a better team, healer & tank or healer & dps? I'm guessing healer & tank is pretty much invincible, but healer & dps would be more of a challenge & faster.
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