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Originally Posted by snommism View Post
I'm currently using Corso (didn't have a choice) but I'm wondering, when I do have a choice, what would be a better team, healer & tank or healer & dps? I'm guessing healer & tank is pretty much invincible, but healer & dps would be more of a challenge & faster.
I think that all depends on you. I have played at least some with all the companions. The melee tank is my go to companion, but more because I wanted a Wookiee sidekick rather than his tank ability.

I will say there have been a few fights were the Wookiee just hasn't cut it. The Melee DPS makes some fights so much easier. Corso is fine, except he has a habit of turning on that harpoon thing and putting the bad guy right in your lap. I turn it off, but he turns it right back on. I've also used the Ranged DPS and even the Healer some, but not against anything major and only when I was a level or two above the area. Both offer some fun alternatives to the normal fights.

I say go with whatever makes the game more fun to you, but don't be, like me, stubborn about it. If a fight with a boss doesn't go well with the melee dps, try it again with the tank dps... Also keep an eye on the companion gear as a healer, if you find way better gear for the Melee DPS than you do for the Melee Tank, then use the Melee DPS if the battle is difficult. The more adaptive you are, the easier and the more fun it is.

At level 49 as of last night, so I know it can be done and is fun. Now watch something happen on the last planet where I have to call Lynk or Mav again.

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
I still have the "Social" Tutorial quest in my lineup because I haven't reached social level 1
Level 49 and I am barely over social level 1. I didn't even know what to do with that social coin until Lynk showed me while we were playing with alternative characters.

All three of my alternates have more social points than my original toon and the highest level they are is around 16.

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