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The Shade was visibly uncomfortable as soon as others were in sight. She knew about the Shade's extrasensory perception but she hadn't imagined that it hit him like a tidal wave like it did just now. He maybe was placing his concentration on her, or maybe it was all coincidence? Shades were hard to read, at least, HE was hard to read. She had always been intrigued by him but she also knew perfectly well that the Prism and High Command like her father would decommission him if they suspected he was emotionally compromised. Another one of the privileges of being a General's daughter, access to this information would normally be classified, but she knew well about the prism. But she was genuinely worried about the shade, how much longer before they decommission him? Would she allow herself to let go of the Shade just because someone found him "unfit for duty"? Why should anyone decide on a life's value? Mio was disgusted at this thought, even though Shades were genetically engineered, why should anyone decide when their usefulness had run it's course?

It's not fair, she thought to herself. She then remembered where she was and returned Gao's salute promptly.

"We are a unit, we move as a group. As you can tell by the amount of noise coming from so far away, the battle has been raging for about two days now. The brieders have all but taken the Cretia Facility, we have to go over there and ensure this doesn't happen. Also, we are to rescue the Head of Research there and her team of scientists, they are valuable assets in this war. When we arrive to the field, we will meet with Colonel Strathairn and he'll fill us in on the situation", she replied.

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