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Basic Training- Yavin

Training Missions I
Mercenary Activity- Tatooine
Droid Recovery- Tatooine
Emergency Assistance- Bakura
Merchant Rescue- Blenjeel
Cult Investigation- Corellia

Required Missions
Hoth- Finding the Base
Hoth- Echo Base

Training Missions 2
Rescue Mission- Nar Kreeta
Meet Contact- Zonju V
Covert Operation- Kril'dor
Capture Crime Lord- Coruscant
Cult Investigation- Dosuun

Required Missions
Vjun- Outside Bast Castle
Vjun- Bast Castle Underworks
Vjun- Bast Castle

Jedi Missions
Cult Sighting- Chandrila
Cult Investigation- Tanaab
Dismantle Device- Yalara
Force Theft Investigation- Byss
Weapon Destruction- Ord Mantell

Required Missions
Taspir- Outside Cult Facility
Taspir- Inside Cult Facility
Korriban- Sith Catacombs
Korriban- Tomb of Ragnos

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