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^Yeah, I agree with this.
Originally Posted by Prophet_Sage View Post
I have an Us version (it says my language is English (USA)). I trued patching it with those two files but it didn't work.
I wrote to SecuRom, but it's seems to be a dead end, since they wont me uninstall deamon tools and simular programs which they claim is interfearing with KOTOR2... bull****.
Well i trued everything and I just think it wont work for me i guess...
I've even tried the cracks on the internet and now i have 5 different exe's in my swkotors2 directory and neither of them works.

I'm giving up i guess.
The game wasn't properly patched in the first place, so that's probably why the SecuROM-updated .exe wouldn't work. That particular .exe was the only one that I could get to work on my laptop which has an Intel chipset. Others have had success using the original .exe from the patched game and not the SecuROM one. None of the no-cd cracks could get me past the first movie, so the widescreen mod was out of the question. As a matter of fact, I've said as much (in big, bold, red letters) in post #2.

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