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"Thank you," Cadice replied pointedly, exhaling a bit to emphasize her words. She didn't take being told to "get lost" very graciously by anyone! Following the desk clerk's directions, she reached the entrance to the hangar bay. Squinting, she thought she spotted Mio and the others, but perhaps this was the incorrect one. All of a sudden, her haptophone earbuds jangled:

"Cadice?" came the cry, almost a shout, that made the scientist's eardrums ring. "Cadice Marin? Can you hear me? It's Arsinoe! HELP!!!"

"Calm down, ma Sina," the younger woman answered. "What's going on?"

"It's the Brieders. They're swarming everywhere, and killing everyone! I've barricaded myself in my office, protected behind every single piece of office furniture I could shove against the locked door! Good thing there's no window, or I'd be dead due to shards of glass puncturing their way through my skull! Get over here now, or I'll be dead anyway. I know you've never fought, or used a weapon in your entire life, but you're the only one who knows the codes."

Cadice was confused. "What codes?"

"The codes to unlock this farking door, for crying out loud!" Cadice's earbuds crackled and died, causing her armpits to break out in a sweat. She bolted towards the people and the ship in the hangar bay, hoping she hadn't taken a wrong turn. This wasn't the only hangar bay at the center...
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