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"This man is affiliated with the Purge?",

"Your neck is now between three instruments of death, instead of one," she said. "We people shall now hold you in OUR court. If you lie, you die. My first question: Are you affiliated with the filthy Purge or not?!"

Valron continued to smile as the two others joined him. Velor was shaking so hard from fright that Valron was able to see a small bronze object that was now sticking out of his pocket. Valron smiled again and grabbed it with his free hand and ripped it free.

The bronze object had the insigna of the purge.

"I believe that this will answer all of our questions." He said as he held it up to show it to the others.

He looked over at Velor who had tears of fear forming in his eyes. Valron narrowed his eyes. "So...all this time you were a member of the purge..." He said thoughtfully. "That would explain quite a few things."

He turned to look at the others in the tavern. "What do you say? Should we see if he knows anything? Or should he just die?"

Valron looked at Velor again and then at the woman who had decided that the people should decide his fate. He smiled. He rather enjoyed that particular idea.
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