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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
A side effect of the engine just not handling the scripts very well. I have had scenarios where the declaration of the object makes all the difference, and while statements simply don't run, despite the correct programming.
The last part of this bugs me.... You are saying that in many cases, while/do loops have failed to run/function properly, despite as you say correct programming and successful compilation?

That would explain some issues I have had....

I agree wholeheartedly on the superior structure of a case/switch over the endless nested if statements... And then I remember JCarter426 a while back stating that he feels the switch gets ignored by the engine fairly often.

This all comes back to the first sentence of your quote.... How sad but true.

Nevertheless, we plow on!


@JCarter426: Just wanted to let you know that, despite how confusing I was being with my script issue in the j7 mod, you did illuminate one obvious mistake I was making! I was trying to spawn the container in the wrong module... which may have caused other issues as well. I am going to revisit it today, and I will return with some update. It is going to be a test case for the case/switch, as I am using it to put class-specific loot into the new container.


@QDJ- If you got it working, let us know! Otherwise, perhaps post the code you have that is compiling yet still failing? Another set of eyes can be priceless

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