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Star Wars: Darkness and Honor

It has been nearly a year since the Fall of Coruscant and what remains of the Jedi have retreated to Tython. With the Treaty of Coruscant in effect there is an uncomfortable cease fire between the Sith Empire and the Republic. Despite the truce, reports of strange events have reached the ears of the higher-ups in both the Republic and the Empire.

There are more and more reports of ships from both sides vanishing, Colonies are coming under attack by unknown forces and those who have gone out and searched for those responsible have never come back. And now there have been reports of assasinations within both goverments.

Both goverments realize that there is something more to this than simple piracy. Someone or something is gathering strength in the infinite reaches of space for reasons unknown.

The time has come to fight.

((Just so you guys know, your characters have all recieved transmissions that ask them to report to either the Shavoel if Imperial and the Coruscant Briefing room if Republic.))

Imperial battlecruiser Shavoel

Hmph. And here I thought that imperials didn't have any taste. Zassos thought as he was escorted through the Captain's quarters of the Shavoel. Nearly three days ago he had recieved an encrypted transmission from the Imperial command center on Dromund Kaas instructing him to meet with the commander of the Shavoel regarding a possible job offer.

When there where credits or adventure to be found anyhwere in the galaxy Zassos was usually the first one to show up with both blaster pistols armed and ready.

"Ah...Bounty Hunter." Came a voice from behind him. "I'm glad that you decided to show up when you did. I heard that you have a hunger for credits...and for adventure."

Zassos turned around and narrowed his eyes. He hadn't seen anyone come in behind him and he hadn't heard so much as a door open. "That's correct." Zassos said.

"Have a seat." The commander motioned him to sit down in the chair infront of his desk. "We have much to discuss, but I feel we should wait until the others arrive."


"Yes. This is to be a mission that will be undertaken with others.

Interesting...Zassos thought.

Coruscant. Briefing Room

The least the commander can do is show up on time...Vlalkor thought as he looked up at the clock on the wall and sighed. He had been waiting here for nearly twenty minutes and there was still no sign of the commander who was to conduct the briefing.

The door opened quietly and he turned to look over at the figure who had entered. "Sorry I'm late...there was a situation over in the market district that needed my attention."

Vlalkor rose to his feet and saluted. "No apologies needed sir. I understand that these things happen from time to time. Are we to conduct the briefing now?"

"Sorry, but we need to wait for the others to show up before the briefing to begin."

Others? They're not trying to put me back in a squad are they?

"With all due respect sir...I wasn't aware of the possibility that I would be working with others on this mission."

"Well, you will be. As I said, the briefing will begin once the others we've contacted arrive which should be shortly."
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