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Emi opened her eyes to find the Bard woman defending her. Why? Why would she risk herself to defend a reaver, and a half-elf at that? Reavers were detested by the regular folk, even legends were spoken to children that were naughty.

She glanced up to the Bard woman, as she told her to be ready. She still was taken a bit aback by her actions and not only that, Vakarr had walked over to them and even offered her his hand to help her stand.

The voice of the spy still lingered in her head but it was slowly dying out. She moved her hand closer to his but then realized that she was offering him the hand on which she had scarring from the fire and then pulled that hand and offered him the other. With his help, she stood up and composed herself.

"T-thank you", she told the Bard woman but also glanced to Vakarr so he would know that her gratitude was also meant for him. Somehow her voice had a little more volume to it.

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